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TSBTV#36 - Psychology of Young Uptrends

TSBTV#36 - Psychology of Young Uptrends

In looking through the charts right now after a significant bounce from the recent lows, there are a lot of stocks which are moving higher with the indexes.  Specifically, there’s the potential for many of them to be showing the early stages of meaningful turnarounds.  Stated otherwise, there are a lot of potentially young uptrends out there right now.

Some of them are going to fail, but others are going to continue higher.  As you attempt to gauge which rallies are worth keeping an eye on, it’s important to consider what’s taking place behind the scenes in those rallies.  Understanding the psychology at work can go a long way toward deriving meaning from the price action.

So here in Episode 36, I’ll show you what I’m talking about by dissecting a current chart and explaining what might be taking place beneath the surface.

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