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TSBTV#35 - Projecting Future Trend Lines

TSBTV#35 - Projecting Future Trend Lines

Every now and then, you want the ability to sort of push that price legend aside and extend a trend line X days into the future.  It’s not that it’s going to be a crystal ball, but rather it can give you a great indication for what levels may pose as support and resistance in a few days.

I had wanted to be able to do this via StockFinder, and recently ran across Kuf’s post explaining how.  Thanks Ken!

I’ve shared a chart with this indicator attached to it.  Simply run StockFinder and then click ‘Share’ and go to ‘Charts’.  You may also search for ‘Bars Forward’ from TheStockBandit.  Once prompted, enter password ‘tv’ to grab the chart and add it to your layout.  Should take all of about 10 seconds!

So here in Episode 35, I’ll show you what using this indicator in StockFinder can mean and one way to use it, as well as how to tinker with it.

(Be sure to click the full-screen option for best viewing.)

Hope you enjoy the show! Thanks for watching and subscribing, and feel free to post your ideas and comments down below.

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