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TSBTV#17 - Market View 2-8-2009

TSBTV#17 - Market View 2-8-2009

This market has a lot on its plate to deal with right now, not the least of which are the stimulus news we’ll see in the next 2 days, as well as the potential for a higher low and the upside that could possibly bring.

We always have to remember that anything is possible in the market, and the current environment is no different.  There is a real chance we could put together a nice rally from here, but follow through to last week’s strength is going to be a requirement.

So here in Episode 17, as we do every weekend, we take a good look at the big picture and see what’s going on out there.  It’s what will have the biggest influence on the stocks we’re likely to trade, so it’s the place to begin!

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