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TSBTV#84 - Avoid the Earnings Gap

TSBTV#84 - Avoid the Earnings Gap

College football season is still a long ways off, but earnings season is very much here.

Over the next few weeks, expect to see stocks making drastic moves on news reports as the results from Q2 roll in.

For me as a trader, honestly, I could care less what those reports say.  The only thing that’s important to me is getting into and out of trades effectively while entirely avoiding those earnings gaps.

Swing trading is still fine to be doing though, so long as you keep a close watch on the right calendars.  Here are the ones I refer to in the video:

Yahoo Finance

So here in Episode 84, I’ll discuss the risk involved in holding positions into earnings reports, and show you some useful tools for avoiding that unnecessary risk. Hope you find it helpful!

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