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TSBTV#15 - Psychology of Breakdowns

TSBTV#15 - Psychology of Breakdowns

Hope springs eternal in the market - we all know that, and from time to time we experience it through our mistakes.  Sometimes a trade doesn’t “behave” and neither do we, clinging to the notion that maybe we’ll get bailed out.

Ever been there?

Well, here in Episode 15, we’ll take a look at the psychology that’s involved in breakdown patterns.  What are traders thinking?  How will investors react to different scenarios?  And most importantly, how can you profit from it?

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Jeff White
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4 Responses to “TSBTV#15 - Psychology of Breakdowns”

  1. Gerardo (Jerry) Sanchez Says:

    I really feel that the more I see your TV show the better I become at this trading business. Thanks for sharing!

  2. TheStockBandit Says:

    Hey Jerry!

    Thanks for posting such a nice comment, I’m really glad you’re finding the site & videos so helpful. It’s rewarding to hear that. How would you classify your trading style?

    Hope you’re faring well lately, talk to you soon!


  3. RI Says:

    Please keep up with the good work I am enjoying your videos and learning from them.
    One positive suggestion would be to prepare a technical analysis of a particular setup and then, maybe 3-5 days later follow-up with a further analysis to summarize the outcome. For example, follow up on PPG next Tuesday or Wednesday.

  4. TheStockBandit Says:


    Thank you for your comments as well as the suggestion. That kind of thing is always appreciated, so keep ‘em comin!

    I’ll try to do a follow-up on the PPG in a few days, that’s a good idea. Thanks again and see you soon!