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TSBTV#128 - Market View 5-9-2010

TSBTV#128 - Market View 5-9-2010

Where in the world are those dip-buyers?  They dominated the scene for such a long time, it’s actually quite strange to see them so notably absent.  But they disappeared en masse last week, allowing stocks to plummet from Tuesday through Friday, along with a spooky-weak Thursday.

Will we see a bounce this week, and if so, will it be a meaningful one?  That’s the question of the hour right now, and regardless of when it happens to come along, it’s perhaps most important to approach all trades with caution as we head into a new week of trading.  Volatility is running high, which means emotions are pegged.  Anytime that happens, anything can happen!

Here in Episode 128, we’ll examine the NAZ, S&P 500, and DJIA and discuss some important levels to monitor going forward. Hope you find it helpful!

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