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TSBTV#88 - Stop Loss Series #1

TSBTV#88 - Stop Loss Series #1

Stop loss placement is right up there among the most popular topics I get asked about.  From subscribers to the premium newsletter to blog readers, and even the WSJ Online, I’ve been asked by a lot of people how to set stops appropriately.

Let me say right now, I’m certainly not always right.

In fact, I’m wrong plenty.  But I am decisive, and that means having some kind of understanding in place for the situation and how it ought to be treated.

This episode marks the start of a mini-series about stop losses.  I’m going to cover several topics which I feel are most important during this series, so come back often because you won’t want to miss the next few segments.

Here in Episode 88, I’ll discuss the first 2 aspects of setting my stops - timeframe and personality. Hope you find it helpful!

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Hope you enjoy the show! Thanks for watching and subscribing, and feel free to post your ideas and comments down below.

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Jeff White
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7 Responses to “TSBTV#88 - Stop Loss Series #1”

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  4. bulleyes Says:

    Just want to say thanks a lot bandit..
    I came across your site and you have saved me a lot of pain.. I am new to trading and watching your videos have made me learn about stop losses.. I have been trading for 3 months and never placed a stop loss.. but from this week, I know what to do..
    I have watched the videos 3 times each and I am ready to go!!! thanks alot.. and I look forward to learning more from your site..

  5. TheStockBandit Says:

    Hello Bulleyes,

    Thank you very much for posting such a nice comment. It’s extremely rewarding to hear things like this, and I really appreciate it.

    My aim in posting the videos (as well as articles to the Trading Blog) is to help you become a better trader, and that certainly means helping you make some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

    The first 3 months are certainly a challenge, and I’m glad to know you’ve survived them. Hang in there and keep me posted on your progress!


  6. Kevin Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I want to say thankyou for posting these very valuable and knowledgable experiences and being able to share them. You have helped me a lot in my trading journey. I have learned a ton from watching all of yor videos. Could you tell me more about your other lessons that require payment? How detailed are they? Thank you.

  7. TheStockBandit Says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments - I appreciate them! It’s nice to know I’m helping traders like you along the way.

    The nightly member area videos are in the stock newsletter and include my trading plan for tomorrow, so in it you see exactly what I’m looking to trade and where I’ll be trading it. The free videos here are backward-looking, whereas the paid video is forward-looking, if that helps to explain. For example, tonight’s video has 4 new plays for tomorrow, as well as some other setups of interest which I comment on.

    Trade well this week!