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TSBTV#87 - Market View 7-26-2009

TSBTV#87 - Market View 7-26-2009

The sharp rally from the July 8th low continues to impress, and last week the indexes made some very meaningful progress.  Not only did they tack on some big point gains, but we saw breakouts occur across the board as each of them reached new recovery highs since the March low.

A rest of some kind is going to eventually arrive, but we’re still waiting for that to arrive.  Understanding some key levels to pay close attention to in the days and weeks ahead carries multiple benefits for us as traders, so that’s what this video is about.

Here in Episode 87, we’ll take an overall view of the NAZ, S&P 500, and DJIA and discuss some important levels to monitor going forward. Hope you find it helpful!

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