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TSBTV#81 - Caution With Laggards

TSBTV#81 - Caution With Laggards

Lower highs are getting established on the daily charts of the major indexes, and that points to one thing becoming a very distinct possibility in the coming weeks:  some corrective price action.

If we do end up seeing that, it won’t be anything to fear.  After all, the market hasn’t corrected since the huge run from the March lows, and a pullback would actually be a good thing to help some new leaders ultimately emerge.

Besides, as traders, there will be ongoing opportunities to trade on both the bullish and bearish side.

But for the purpose of this video, I want to discuss the short term.  We just broke the June lows today, and those of you who are looking for short selling candidates need to keep one thing in mind.

So here in Episode 81, I’ll explain what that one thing is, and point out a few patterns which illustrate what I’m talking about. Hope you find it helpful!

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One Response to “TSBTV#81 - Caution With Laggards”

  1. Dmitry Says:

    Yes, Jeff! And in fact SP500 have a head & shoulders pattern. Also it closed below 50-day moving average first tim since March.

    I short LNET at 3.37.