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TSBTV#47 - Channeling Stocks

TSBTV#47 - Channeling Stocks

With the overall market having trended higher for the past few weeks, quite a few individual stocks have followed suit.  Furthermore, with a big lack of rest during that time, the pace of the advances are pretty well-defined.

In fact, there are quite a few stocks out there right now which are channeling.  A channeling stock is one which is bound by a trading range which marks support and resistance.  Sometimes those channels are tilted and sometimes they are simply horizontal, but the implication is the same:  in the short-term, count on the channel to persist until it’s broken.

So here in Episode 47, I’m going to point out a channeling stock to you and explain what I’m talking about.  I’ll also offer some ideas on how to go about trading these kinds of setups.

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