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TSBTV#39 - When to Quit

TSBTV#39 - When to Quit

Hopefully by now you know your “uncle point” when it comes to ending a bad day of trading.  Perhaps that’s after a certain number of losing trades, or after having lost a predetermined percentage of your equity.  Maybe you just use a plain old dollar amount as your max loss.  Good for you.

But what about on the profitable side?  When do you decide it’s time to Take the Money & Run?

If you’re a day trader, often times you’ll notice that just a couple of days per month can mean the difference between a good month and a great month.  And on a day like today when the market moved so much, quitting early can be costly - in terms of opportunity.

So here in Episode 39, we’ll talk about a few things related to this topic and discuss how to allow yourself to benefit from some continued good price action while still making sure you book a solid day.

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