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TSBTV#1 - Market View 1-11-2009

TSBTV#1 - Market View 1-11-2009

In Episode #1, we’ll take a close look at the major averages (NAZ, S&P 500, and DJIA) and see what’s taking place in the big picture ahead of the coming trading week.

It’s always a good idea to start with the overall conditions before formulating a trading plan, because the major averages just have such a huge influence on most individual stocks.

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3 Responses to “TSBTV#1 - Market View 1-11-2009”

  1. ft Says:

    Excellent process. Giving even though it may hurt when folks need good advice from people in the know. This process is intellectualy appealing and lends itself to fuutre biz. Putting the clients needs first always makes for a better cash flow and repeat business. keep up the nice work.

  2. TheStockBandit Says:

    Welcome FT!

    Thank you for your comments, hopefully you find the site helpful to your trading. Keep the comments and feedback coming! The aim is to offer some insights on a variety of trading topics, and allow the conversation to be ongoing.

    Glad you stopped by!


  3. Robert I Says:

    Thank you. I will be visiting your TV specials frequently based on this introductory video.

    Future subject you may address is the confusing use of pivot points to describe support and resistance as well as used to indicate a turning point after a breakout/retracement.